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Posted by naturalproductman on October 19, 2011

Hans-Joachim Knolker and co-workers at Technische Universität Dresden have reported in Synlett on their isolation of some glycolipids from C. elegans.


Synlett paper

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Fatty acid synthesis

Posted by naturalproductman on September 9, 2011

Gary Sulikowski and co-workers from Vanderbilt have reported in ACIEE on a fatty acid synthesis that possesses a cyclopropane.


ACIEE paper

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Posted by naturalproductman on April 8, 2010

Daisuke Uemura and co-workers from Keio University have recently reported in Chemistry Letters on the isolation of a cyclopropane containing compound – papillamide, from the Okinawan red sponge.


Chemistry Letters paper

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