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Myrrhanol A

Posted by naturalproductman on July 6, 2009

Alejandro Barrero at the University of Granada in Spain and co-workers have recently published in JOC on the synthesis of an anti-inflammatory agent,  myrrhanol A.  A key step in the synthesis was the reaction they used to make the 6,6-scaffold of the molecule, which involved a cascade titanium mediated bis-olefin epoxide opening cyclization.


JOC link

2 Responses to “Myrrhanol A”

  1. Edinburgher said

    Hey man, Barrero didnt set up the whole Uni and then name it after himself.

    Furthermore, there is a long tradition of Ti(III)-chemistry in that Uni with titanocenes, some of it really interesting. In particular there is an Angewandte of 2006 (as far as I remember), quite cool.

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