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Synthesis of Echinopines A and B

Posted by naturalproductman on February 28, 2010

David Chen and co-workers at Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences in Singapore have recently published in JACS on the synthesis of echinopines where the key reactions involved the use of an alpha-diazo carbonyl intermediate to afford a cyclopropane ring and an SmI2-mediated intramolecular pinacol coupling between an aldehyde and ketone to form a seven membered ring.


JACS paper


2 Responses to “Synthesis of Echinopines A and B”

  1. Yi-Ming Shao said

    David Chen is being in charge of Nicolaou’s Chemical Synthesis Lab at A*STAR in Singapore. I might have chance to join Chen’s group for my PhD. But so far I am more likely interested in development of organocatalysts. After graduation, I would be happy to join A*STAR, since it is a research institute supported by Singapore government.

    • naturalproductman said

      Wow that is certainly an exciting opportunity! He’s young and I’m absolutely sure that he has many more nice papers to come. Good luck man.

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