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Bexarotene and Alzheimer’s

Posted by naturalproductman on February 10, 2012

Many people have probably already heard of this report in Science of an anti-cancer drug, bexarotene, being effective against treating Alzheimer’s disease.


Science paper

3 Responses to “Bexarotene and Alzheimer’s”

  1. Michael G. said

    How does this observation fit with other findings suggesting that increased apoE expression and subsequent cholesterol dyshomeostasis in the brain cause Alzheimer’s dementia?

  2. Philip Sen said

    Western Reserve University School of MedicinE has
    a dramatic breakthrough in their efforts regards
    with bexarotine. the question drug is now approved
    as a treatment for cancer.

    Bexarotene is effective for increasing Apo E expression.
    It also improves memory deficits and behavior and acted to
    reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s

  3. jennifer said

    it is good to know that alzheimer’s disease can have a cure, many patients and their loved ones has hope. but still it doesn’t approved yet that this drug can apply to human’s alzheimer it is only approved to cure skin disease, based on the neuroscientists if this drug worked on a mice why not in humans? so they’re still doing some tests (millions of tests) for the drug.

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