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Problems with SENSATIONALIZING Science

Posted by naturalproductman on June 29, 2014

This is related to the previous post about the elevated impact factors that some journals have. I guess the effect of trying to publish in the big monster journals with impact factors over 30 is that you get people who want to publish there so their careers can sky rocket. As a result, these people may falsify data to convince people who are not familiar with proper control experiments to admit that the science was great.


4 Responses to “Problems with SENSATIONALIZING Science”

  1. Then th real problem is that such people unfamiliar with proper control experiments are the ones reviewing and accepting the papers.

    • naturalproductman said

      I guess deep into the problem is the fact that there are unethical scientists, who feel the need to publish untrue data.

      Of course there are cases where people are mistakenly publishing things and the journal decides to retract the paper, but I also think of some cases where NMR data was purposely manipulated to get the paper published or some other problem about a reader being suspicious about figures in a published Science paper.

      There are many problems though:

      1) Scientists have to be salesman to convince people that their work is great, and maybe sometimes they end up stretching the truth
      2) Unethical scientists who falsify data in order to convince people what they found was great

  2. naturalproductman said

    4) When competing with scientists, who purposefully put in false data in the manuscript to “showcase” their science, how will a scientist with real data even be able to pass the prescreening process (i.e. the editors that prescreen through the submitted papers, before sending them out to real experimentalists)?

    Eventually, will these magazines like Science be filled with submissions containing fake data?

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