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Going from a diol to a tetrahydropyran in salinomycin

Posted by naturalproductman on September 25, 2015

Peter Leadlay and co-workers from the University of Cambridge have reported in ACIE on the enzyme that makes the tetrahydropyran ring in salinomycin. The tetrahydropyran is proposed to come from a diol where one of the hydroxy groups is in the beta-position to a ketone and subsequently dehydrates to form an enone. The enone undergoes an intramolecular Michael reaction to form the tetrahydropyran. However, when the reaction is done in vitro with the purified enzyme, they don’t see the enone intermediate, so I wonder if it is a processive reaction; in other words, the enone forms in the enzyme active site without being released and cyclizes to the tetrahydropyran.


ACIE paper

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