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From carboxylic acid to ketone

Posted by naturalproductman on January 26, 2016

Peter Schreiner and co-workers from Justus-Liebig University have reported in ACIE on an asymmetric Dakin-West reaction. I am reminded of a similar transformation from carboxylic acid chlorides to trifluoroketones reported by Samir Zard’s group. From my own experience, the Zard reaction also works with just a carboxylic acid as the starting material (except, as pointed out – is not an asymmetric reaction).


ACIE paper

2 Responses to “From carboxylic acid to ketone”

  1. The Zard paper does not relate to a STEREOSELECTIVE reaction, which is the key part of the ACIE paper. Zard explicitly relates his paper to the Dakin-West reaction.

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