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Kuwanons I and J and Brosimones A and B syntheses

Posted by naturalproductman on July 12, 2014

Xiaoguang Lei and co-workers at Peking University have reported in ACIE on the synthesis of kuwanons I and J.

ACIE paper

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Grape extracts = antioxidants

Posted by naturalproductman on August 8, 2011

Marta Cascante and co-workers at the University of Barcelona suggested that grape extracts help prevent UV radiation damage.  Why would polyphenolic compounds be antioxidants?  Probably because phenols can be oxidized to quinones – in other words phenols are good electron donors.

JAFC paper

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Posted by naturalproductman on June 19, 2011

Natalia Utkina and co-workers from the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Russia have reported in Tetrahedron Letters on the isolation of diplopuupehenone, which was found to have antioxidative properties.


TL paper

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