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Chiral allenes via Mukaiyama-Aldol

Posted by naturalproductman on July 4, 2016

Benjamin List and co-workers at Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung reported in ACIE on a Mukaiyama-Aldol approach to access axially chiral allenes.
ACIE paper

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Some [2+2] cycloaddition chemistry

Posted by naturalproductman on February 10, 2012

Tehshik Yoon and co-workers published in Organic Letters on a [2+2] photocycloaddition.


OL paper

Nessan Kerrigan and co-workers at Oakland University have reported in JACS on a [2+2] reaction between ketenes to form beta-lactones.


JACS paper

At first look at Daniel Romo’s name I thought of Tony Romo and funny enough they’re both in Texas.  Here they report on a Mukaiyama Aldol lactonization to form beta-lactones.


JACS paper

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Michael addition

Posted by naturalproductman on June 2, 2011

Michael Doyle and colleagues in Maryland have reported on a asymmetric Michael addition.  They used an HFIP (hexafluoroisopropanol) additive and bis-oxazoline ligand.


ACIEE paper

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Formal Synthesis of GB13 and Synthesis of GB16

Posted by naturalproductman on July 13, 2010

Some molecules will always be a challenging target no matter how much chemical technology advances.  Dawei Ma and co-workers at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry have published in ACIEE on the synthesis of galbulimima alkaloid GB16 and in the addition to a formal synthesis of GB13.


ACIEE paper

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Aldols with Diazocompounds

Posted by naturalproductman on January 26, 2010

Michael Doyle and co-worker at the University of Maryland have successfully done an Aldol reaction on diazocompounds using the Mukaiyama Aldol protocol.


OL paper

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