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Ireland Claisen/Cope rearrangement

Posted by naturalproductman on June 30, 2014

James Leighton and co-workers reported in JACS on a mechanistic study of a tandem Ireland Claisen/Cope rearrangement reaction to form some polycyclic rings.

oxy Cope

JACS paper


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Vittatalactone Synthesis

Posted by naturalproductman on January 31, 2011

Christoph Schneider and co-workers at Universitat Leipzig have published in Chem Comm on their total synthesis of vittatalactone, which involves an oxy-Cope rearrangement to place the carbons in the correct position with unsaturation followed by an asymmetric reduction to yield the methyls in the correct stereochemical arrangement.



Chem Comm paper

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Posted by naturalproductman on August 27, 2010

Jeremy Wulff and co-workers at the University of Victoria have published in Organic Letters on a tandem 1,2-addition/oxy-Cope reaction to access a bicyclic sulfone.

bicyclic sulfone

OL paper

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