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Alotaketals A and B

Posted by naturalproductman on October 30, 2009

Raymond Andersen’s group at the University of British Columbia has recently reported in Organic Letters on the isolation of a novel sesquiterpenoid structure dubbed alotaketal.  This compound and its related structure has cAMP activating abilities with EC50 of 18 and 240 nM.  The spiroketal structures were isolated from the marine sponge Hamigera.


OL paper


2 Responses to “Alotaketals A and B”

  1. paolomi said

    I am wondering if anyone has tried to propose a synthesis of this molecule. Total synthesis, biosynthesis etc ? I am wondering what would be a good way to begin. I dont know if the studies towards the synthesis of anguidine will be helpful ?

  2. naturalproductman said

    Anguidine doesn’t seem to have a spiroketal structure so I don’t know if I see the relationship(?). But there are many approaches to making spiroketals and that’s where I think one should begin if they don’t have any ideas. It looks like this molecule would be a really exciting opportunity for someone to add a creative approach for synthesizing spiroketals…

    (Isolation and structure of anguidine: Dawkins, A. W. J. Chem. SOC. C 1966, 116.)

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